Frontera Law Group is a boutique business law firm specializing in the legal cannabis industry.  

At Frontera Law Group, we believe that legal cannabis is not only big business, but good business, and we are committed to helping our clients build responsible, sustainable, and long-lasting enterprises in one of the nation’s most exciting emerging industries. 

Our team has the elite combination of legal expertise, business acumen, and marijuana industry experience needed to help your business succeed along any vertical in the primary or ancillary cannabis markets.  We work with clients in both medical and recreational states, helping entrepreneurs and existing businesses navigate the unique contours of the industry. 

With our colleagues at Frontera Advisors, Frontera Accounting and Frontera Entertainment, we assist you with assessing, acquiring, and developing existing opportunities, as well as locating unique business prospects in the cannabis space.  

In an industry characterized by constantly changing regulations, evolving standards and practices, and a history of criminal prohibition, failing to recognize the problems and pitfalls that dot the landscape can be fatal for enterprises at many different stages, and companies need experts who understand the terrain to guide them.  

At Frontera Law Group, we help our clients navigate the complex and rapidly changing frontier of the legal cannabis market, and we are here to assist you with all of your cannabis needs.  At long last, one of America’s original industries is being allowed to flourish. At Frontera Law Group, we help you capitalize on these monumental shifts by becoming part of the nation’s fastest-growing industry.


Practice Areas:

Business Law

Corporate Law

Corporate Formation and Structuring

Corporate Governance

Commercial Contracts and Transactions

Structuring Equity Ownership and Vesting Schedules

Debt and Loan Transactions

Employment and Consulting Agreements

Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnership Transactions

Sales and Acquisitions of Businesses

Intellectual Property

Licensing and Entertainment Transactions

Trademark Counseling and Registration

Medical Marijuana Compliance

Cannabis Entrepreneurship

Cannabis Industry Start-Ups

State Licensing

Multi-State Expansion Projects


Criminal Defense